Penny Pinchers- Season 2

Penny Pinchers- Episode 20: Interrogate

Date Posted: September 16th, 2019, 7:48 am

Author Notes

Summary: The finale is growing near! Not much time is left for the epic end of the Penny Pinchers! You won't wanna miss the epic multiple page event, coming soon!

Also WHAT!? New Comics: Whamics, coming soon October 1st.


oh no! I love Penny Pinchers! Im so sad to see it ending... but I'll definitely check out Whamics when you release it!
@dweeb: Thanks!! Finale should be here by like the 30th. Day before Whamics! Thanks again for the support! Have a great day!!
@dweeb: Plus, the interrogation box is empty! Saves money and gets the job done XD
There are a lot of boxes in this series...
Boxes on my brain! @FriendlyNeighborhoodWriterMan: I barely even noticed! XD I guess I do have a thing for boxes. May explain why I take great enjoyment making the comic frame boxes alone XD