Penny Pinchers- Season 2

Penny Pinchers- Episode 17: Letter

Date Posted: August 26th, 2019, 8:24 am
Finally! I'm Back!!!

Author Notes

Summary: There isn't much to be said. But questions....yeah those are flooding in! Who made the letter? What is to come? Did Goggle Geek get a haircut? I know I did!


Thor: I see you copied my site theme.
It's really nice looking! @FriendlyNeighborhoodWriterMan:

Me: Hey can I copy your homework!

You: Yeah just change it a little!

Me: Alright *Forgets to change it up*
@FriendlyNeighborhoodWriterMan: I was planning on changing the color scheme. But when I looked at the edible code I realized how rusty I was!